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background story

The year is 2025.

Two years ago disaster struck Earth. A giant comet hit central Tibet, It´s impact was devastating. Deadly rays of special radioactivity terminated almost all life not encapsulated by PANZER. As if that was not enough, an armada of flying spaceships landed and a new race, the NEO-SS disembarked on every continent. Their leader, Adolf Bush launched an offensive on all remaining PANZER life. Their evil masterplan: Harvest all PANZER on the earth, thereby killing all remaining life.


At first the PANZER resistance was unorganized and lots of human PANZER were destroyed by elite NEO-SS PANZER-shock troops. But then, as from nowhere a human PANZER pilot, George Stalin, stepped up and assumed command over the remaining human PANZER resistance. Under his leadership the tide of battle turned. NEO-SS shock troops found themselves outmanouvered, outflanked and outgunned! This resulted in Adolf Bush requesting the IMPERIAL NEO-SS MECHA PANZER DIVISION SPECIAL KAMPFGRUPPE to assist them in their battle for PANZER. This is where the game begins...

general information

Panzer is a multiplayer-only tank action game played over the internet. It has 3D hardware accelerated graphics, advanced physics simulation (thanks to ODE, Ogg Vorbis music support and more. But most importantly, it's surprisingly fun to play.

Originally created for a course on Virtual Reality in a 2-3 week period, the game has now been ported to windows (from linux), slightly bug-fixed and tweaked, and finally released, source and all.

Other projects used in this one:

  • OpenGL: For hardware accelerated graphics.
  • OpenAL: Platform independent sound support.
  • ODE: Physics and collision detection.
  • Ogg Vorbis: Music and sound effects are stored as .ogg files.
  • wxWindows: Platform independent windowing support and image loading.
  • lib3ds: Loading .3ds files for the models.
  • golgotha: Textures and music.
  • lua: Used for storing the level information.


  • Arvid Norberg
  • Kristoffer Grönlund
  • Jonny Reichwald
  • Olov Johansson
  • Niklas Johansson



The server needs a pretty fast computer, and any computer running the game should have a 3D hardware acceleration graphics card. Any newer card from nvidia or ATI should do. Should, because the game will run on software opengl. Well, crawl, at least.

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