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may 27, 2003 - yet again

Released the 1.0.1 update which fixes the intro page error. Everyone who downloaded the game should get the 1.0.1 update from the download page, everyone else should just get the 1.0.1 full version straight away. The update contains a replacement .exe file for the game, it's the only thing that has changed.

may 27, 2003 - again

Added binaries for windows, so now the game is downloadable and all. Have fun. Oh, and despite saying I would, I haven't updated the CVS, so the version found there is really old.. I will get to that eventually. ;)
update: CVS should be up to date. I recommend you check out with -dP flag, otherwise you'll get tons of out-of-date directories.
update 2: If you are having problems with the game not starting, try checking the "Skip Intro"-button. It seems to work for most people. I will try to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

may 27, 2003

Updated the website and added the main title track to the downloads page. Binary download for windows should be available soonish, once the CVS has been updated with the latest source.
This project isn't really being worked on actively, I've just fixed the windows port and some other issues, plus added some new textures and music to replace some of the things we have borrowed from Golgotha.
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